Monday, September 2, 2013

The Real History of The United States: Just Follow The Money

G. Edward Griffin
I've just completed G. Edward Griffin's book "The Creature From Jekyll Island" and I must admit I feel a bit duped.   Like many Americans, I always thought that the Federal Reserve was federal or government bank holding US reserves.    Well, I've learned that the Federal Reserve is not federal and doesn't hold reserves.  In fact, as Griffin lays out so well, The Federal Reserve Act was authored by a banking cartel in 1913. 

From its inception, and because it was authored by America's biggest bankers, The Federal Reserve Act put the big banks in control of American banking.  It also gave the Federal Government the ability to create money from nothing which resulted in inflation (an invisible tax) that, to this day, most Americans don't understand.  "Jekyll" lays out a history of money's involvement in war that is beyond chilling. 

After reading this book, I have a new understanding of the history of both money and the world.  In fact, to understand the history of the world post 1400, all one has to do is 'follow the money.'   Money and banking have impacted history in ways that our school's text books never describe. 

After you read "The Creature From Jekyll Island",  I recommend spending some time on G. Edward Griffin's website,   Beyond "Jekyll", I highly recommend "The Big Short" by Michael Lewis to further solidify an understanding of "bankers behaving badly." 

It's interesting to note that politicians on both sides of the aisle are largely silent on the topic of The Fed.  I suspect that some don't understand the issue while others do understand but don't want to touch the topic.  Fortunately, in the 2012 primary season, Ron Paul helped to increase awareness regarding the corruption of The Fed.   But this is only the beginning.    In order to demand change, mainstream America needs to read and understand this book.   Due to its length, I recommend listening to the new audio version, available on Audible

Now that I've read "Creature from Jekyll Island", I want to know more.  As a result, I'm getting my hands on everything I can find on the topic.   At my company, McQ Media, we're in the planning stages of developing several radio specials regarding The Fed.   I'm especially interested in putting this story into digestible podcasts and short video features.  I'll report back with updates in the near future.  

Until next time, buckle up, this is going to be very interesting.

Pete Thomson
Twitter:  @pwthomson

Editor's Note:  Pete Thomson is President/CEO of McQ Media, a Dallas based advertising and marketing firm.   Thomson is involved in consumer advocacy journalism and serves as host of The Consumer Team radio program, broadcast on KRLD Radio, Dallas.