Saturday, January 22, 2011

Be Nice To Your Customers....It Pays Off!

Hats off to Barnes & Noble.  They have comfortable stores with free wireless internet AND they encourage you to read-for-free!    My 14 year old son Mac and I spend hours at B&N, usually on Saturday's after lunch. We know the manager on a first name basis.  And while it's true that we read a lot for free, we end up spending a considerable amount of money too.

I'm so pleased with B&N's pro-customer attitude that I go out of my way to spend money with them.  In 2010 which was a down year in personal spending for my family, I probably spent $400 to $600 with B&N.  And I gave their gift cards whenever possible.  I have the 10% off frequent buyer card too.   And, I'm seriously considering a purchase of a Nook in the next 30 days.

Would I be spending this much or blogging about Barnes & Noble if they weren't as nice?  Absolutely not.

It pays to be nice.