Thursday, November 17, 2011

'Tis the Season for Christmas Movies....

Christmastime is here!  One of our family's favorite aspects of the holiday season is the chance to gather round the fireplace and watch Christmas movies.   Here's our family's list of 'The Best of Christmas Movies'. 

I didn't see any of the Home Alone movies when they came out in the 1980s.  I was busy being a single guy in Dallas.  However, once my son was born in the late 90s, we quickly discovered this iconic Christmas movie and all of its sequels.

McCauley Kaulkin plays a great cute kid who has to come up with devious ways to fight off the 'Wet Bandits'.  But the real stars of these films are Joe Pechi and Daniel Stern who play the best 'bad' guys I've ever seen in a comedy.

Home Alone's soundtracks have become a standard part of our Christmas listening.  From the compostions of John Willams to the Christmas classics, these are worth the price.

Tim Allen....Mr. Christmas
Between The Santa Clause series and Christmas With The Kranks, Tim Allen has become a big part of our Christmas.   When Mac was younger, the 'Clause' movies were a big hit.  The depiction of The North Pole, especially, is so vivid.  Now that Mac's a teen, his sense of humor is more in line with the Kranks.

As much as we love the older classic versions of 'A Christmas Carol', we love Bill Murray in Scrooged.   I think it's one of his best movie performances of all time and although it's a long way from Dicken's, it captures the essense of the storyline in a very interesting way.  Great support performance by John Forsythe.

And the Award for All Time Best Christmas Film goes to.........Christmas Vacation!
Mac and I agreed on this decision instantly.   It is the funniest, feel-good, capture-the-season film I've ever seen.  Chevy Chase is at his best and Randy Quaid is hilarious as Clark's (Chevy's) white-trash, mooching, yet good hearted brother-in-law.  Each year, Christmas Vacation, is the first Holiday movie we watch.

Christmastime can get pretty busy.  We hope you can slow down a bit and enjoy one or more of these Christmas film classics.

Merry Christmas! 

Pete & Mac Thomson