Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mac Air 13....I'm Hooked!

It was just a matter of time, but as of 2 weeks ago, I'm now totally in the Mac world.

The Mac Air 13 -- I'm Hooked!
It started innocently enough about 2 years ago when I got the iPhone.  I immediately fell in love with not only the power of device but its simplicity and ease of use.  Then, last year I bought an iPad.  Like the iPhone, it revolutionized the way I read (no more bulky books on the road) and surfed the web.

Two weeks ago, I got a Mac Air 13 and a now totally hooked.  Where do I start on this computer?  Probably the resolution/graphics.  It's better than anything I've ever used.  Like everything else from Apple, the Mac Air is simple but powerful.  And, it's a breeze to learn.  And, now that Office for Mac is available, there's no need to run Boot Camp or Parallels to run Outlook.

So now that I'm 100% Mac, I should be pretty much set, right?  Well, almost.  I just demo-ed the new iPad 2 today at Best Buy.   Based on my past, it's only a matter of time....